Brian Mahoney Chats About…

  1. Why he isn’t fixed to any one particular way of working.

  2. ‘One flat fee for a specific outcome’ – an unusual framework for change.

  3. Setting outcomes… helping people to get into a ‘normal range’!

  4. The down side of being ‘super-positive’… is it sustainable?

  5. The problem of the therapist being more motivated than then client in helping them change.

  6. Creating a framework for change that supports thoroughness.

About Brian Mahoney

Brian has run a full-time hypnotherapy/change work practice in Boston since 2004.
Seeing clients for a wide range of issues, he takes pragmatic, solution-oriented approaches including both traditional Elman-style and Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, HNLP, provocative therapy, REBT and more.
The “flat fee for successful outcome regardless of the number of sessions it takes to solve the problem” frame he uses for all his client work differentiates him from most other change workers.
Before pursuing hypnotherapy, he held the title of Vice President, Public Relations Research division at LexisNexis, an international unit of Reed-Elsevier.
Learn more about his practice at

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