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37: Interview With Trevor Silvester – Revisited

37: Interview With Trevor Silvester – Revisited

Trevor is the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and the Training Director of The Quest Institute. He is a practising Hypnotherapist with a clinic in Harley Street. He was the editor of the Hypnotherapy Journal of the National Council for Hypnotherapy for nine years, and was  their Director of Ethics and Supervision for a further five  until he stepped down in 2011.

Trevor has gained a reputation as one of the leading experts in the theory and practice of hypnotic language, and his integration of modern scientific discoveries into the practical aspects of therapy has made him one of the key figures in the modern therapy field. His books have gained him a worldwide audience, and students travel from all over the world to train with him.

Since his interview with Rapid Change Matters (which kicked off the Rapid Change Conversation) he has written and released a fascinating new book called ‘GROW: Personal development for parents’ so it’s great to welcome him back to the series to talk about all things change work and parenting!

36: Interview With Mark Walsh

Mark has over 10,000 hours facilitation experience, is a third generation teacher. He has has worked in over 25 countries and with clients as diverse as L’Oréal, Unilever, Ikea, Virgin Atlantic, The Army of Sierra Leone, The Met Police, Occupy, The House of Lords, with ex IRA members, LGBTQ Moscow, Oxfam, Save The Children and Occupy. He founded the online course Purpose Black Belt, as well as Embodied Yoga Principles and The Embodied Facilitator Course. He’s an aikido black belt and is particularly known for “embodied” methods and also hosts a Youtube Channel with over 11 million hits.

Interview With Alexia Elliott

Alexia’s career started over 25yrs ago in Acute Mental Health. She progressed from the wards to training in Psychology and Education. During her Teaching career, I specialised in working with adults from Marginalised groups. (The vulnerably housed, Rough Sleepers, Asylum Seekers and those fleeing Domestic Violence.)

For the last 15 years, she has worked exclusively, in private practice as a Therapist, utilising, Hypnosis, NLP, Shamanism. Jungian and Existential theories, underpin her approach.

Shamanism captured her attention as a 19yrs old, during a trip to West Africa.  She had her first spiritual extraction and power retrieval by a local Medicine man aka the Marabou man. This encounter led to further journeys to learn from Indigenous Tribes, in particular tribes from the Upper Amazon Jungle and the Andean mountains.

Blending Shamanic tools and approaches, into her Therapy work was a real ‘game changer’ and she continues to be astounded by the profound changes people experience, by re-integrating spirituality into their lives.

Now she is currently training to be a professional Idiot, which is the art of Sacred Clowning, alongside writing a book about her former life.

Interview With James Brown

James has spent the past 20 years perfecting his skills as a world class magician, pickpocket and hypnotist.

After leaving university in Southampton James began a career in psychiatry in Bournemouth and spent several years developing his understanding of psychology and human behaviour. During this time James became fascinated with perceptional psychology – the way in which people perceive the reality around them and the ease in which they are deceived and manipulated. After seeing a close up magician performing on television James started to look closer at the similarities between magic and psychology…

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