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34: Interview With Gary Craig

34: Interview With Gary Craig

In Gary’s own words:

I am the founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), I was born April 13, 1940 and have been intensely interested in personal improvement via psychology since my age13. That was when I recognized that the quality of my thoughts was mirrored in the quality of my life. Since then I have been self taught in this field, seeking only those procedures that, in my opinion, produced results.

I consider EFT, the core of which I learned from Dr. Roger Callahan, to be an important tool to achieving the highest levels of healing.

I also have high regard for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in which I am a Certified Master Practitioner. Please know that I am neither a psychologist nor a licensed therapist. Rather, I am a Stanford engineering graduate and an ordained minister and, although I don’t pound the table for any particular religion, I do come at this procedure from a decidedly spiritual perspective.

33: Interview With Alex MacLellan

33: Interview With Alex MacLellan

Alex MacLellan is an Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) practitioner and anxiety coach. Having struggled with social anxiety for much of his formative life he managed to overcome this issue after seeing an IEMT practitioner.

In 2010 he began working as a coach for people with social anxiety, training them in the practical techniques he used and benefitted from. Finally, he decided to train in the form of change work that helped him so much, IEMT.

Currently, he runs Practical Anxiety Solutions and is dedicated to bringing lasting change in a short amount of time to his clients by first addressing their anxieties and negative beliefs with IEMT before equipping them with information and techniques to safeguard themselves for the future and change their habits for the better.

He also is on a mission to debunk many bad practices, beliefs and scams present in the self-development industry.

32: Interview With Judy Rees

32: Interview With Judy Rees

Judy Rees is known worldwide as a practical implementer of an inquiry methodology called Clean Language, and is the co-author of the bestselling book on the topic, “Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds”.

She’s used Clean Language with individuals, groups and organisations all over the world to help them to change quickly – and in a way that ensures that the changes fit perfectly, so that they stay changed. She also teaches practical Clean Language skills, online and in in-person workshops. Recently she co-hosted Clean Language For Hypnotists with James Tripp.

A former journalist and media executive, Judy is based in London, UK.

31: Interview With Christine Black

31: Interview With Christine Black

Christine Black is the lead consultant at the Wellbeing Portal. As a qualified health professional, experienced to Operations Director in a major healthcare company as well as Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, she is experienced in making personal and professional change happen – and doing it quickly.

She also spent a significant period as a regular monthly guest speaker on BBC Radio’s ‘Ask The Expert’ and also runs her own wellbeing centre called The Changing Room.

Christine says “I am passionate about helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. It’s a serious business but I like to have fun at work which is part and parcel of how I deliver my workshops.”

Christine works alongside associates throughout the UK to deliver the results that keeps us all in flow.

30: Interview With Matt Kendall

30: Interview With Matt Kendall

Matt Kendall is an accidental therapist. After setting up his own businesses he met a hypnotherapist at a networking event who he later went on to have sessions with.

The hypnotherapist saw something in Matt and convinced him to go and train himself.

Matt went and trained with a variety of people and organisations and then specialised in helping people with social anxiety.

After moving to London in 2009 he came across a technique called IEMT. He was fascinated by this new approach to working with clients and helped to get results where previous positive outcomes were seemingly impossible.

Matt is now a certified trainer of IEMT and lectures on the subject on a regular basis. He holds training courses several times per year and works with private clients.

29: Interview With Tim Box

29: Interview With Tim Box

Tim Box is a remedial hypnotist who has successfully run a flourishing full time hypnosis practice in the South East of England for the last seven years. He is an international speaker, practitioner trainer and bestselling author.

After escaping the family plumbing business in 2009 he was originally trained in hypnosis at the world renowned Hypnoarts Academy by Jonathan Chase.Tim went on in 2014 to become one of only a handful of people in the world to be awarded a fellowship of the academy, as well as eventually becoming one of their senior trainers.

Tim now runs his own classes, teaching both direct and remedial hypnosis techniques. He also mentors other hypnotherapists and regularly gives talks and demonstrations about hypnosis and the power of the mind.

In 2015 Tim created his CONTROL system based on his experiences with clients and the learnings from hundreds of 1 to 1 hypnosis sessions. CONTROL is a method for personal development and change and teaches people how to get direct communication with their own mind to make positive improvements in patterns of thought and behaviour…

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